Personal Concierge and Assistant Services in NYC



deVivre Concierge


“I’m so busy." “I’m too tired.” “I’ve got so much to do.”

We feel you.

At deVivre Concierge, we’re here to remind you that the joie de vivre lifestyle doesn't have to be a thing of the past. How you live your life is about the choices you make, and we’re here to give you the freedom to prioritize the things that really matter.

From running your errands to running your office, from moving your home to moving your dinner reservation, from managing your household to managing to get everything on your list done (before you even get home), from planning your birthday party to planning your dream vacation, we’re here to help you optimize your precious downtime.

Supporting individuals and businesses alike, we’re here to sweat the small stuff—so that you don’t have to.


Personal Concierge Services

deVivre Concierge caters to the specific needs of our clients so that they can focus on the finer things. Don’t schlep, celebrate. Forget the dry cleaning, focus on the dry champagne. We’ll get the groceries, you light the candles.

Move Management

Move Management

Need an extra hand or two (or six)? deVivre Concierge can handle your move from start to finish so that you can get perfectly settled without lifting a finger.

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Travel Planning

Whether you're looking to jump out of a plane or sip caipirinhas oceanside, deVivre Concierge makes sure that your dream vacation is realized. All you have to do is show up.