Personal Concierge and Assistant Services in NYC

About deVivre Concierge

deVivre Concierge Services was founded in early 2015 by friends and co-workers Carrie Brightman & Eleanor Mooney - New Yorkers, operational wizards, customer service specialists, and travel addicts.

deVivre NYC Concierge Services


Founded in 2015, deVivre Concierge Services offers high-touch personal assistant services to individuals and businesses in NYC.

deVivre's women-led team of concierges is dedicated to spending one-on-one time with each of our clients to increase productivity, alleviate stress, and make sure that things. get. handled. No job is too large and no task is too mundane.

Our exceptional work ethic, unparalleled dedication, and thoughtful company culture has ensured us a 0% concierge turnover rate.

For us, this means we've perfected working together, for you this means you'll always know your concierge—and she'll always know you.

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