Personal Concierge and Assistant Services in NYC

Personal Assistant Services

 - NO PROJECT IS TOO BIG, or task too small -


Not sure where to start? We’re here to help.

At deVivre, we offer a free consultation to custom tailor our services to your needs.

We’ll get together and review the aspects of your life that make you feel overwhelmed and stressed, pinpointing the areas in which we can help you organize your home and life to create processes that work for you.

Keep your personal life in working order so that you can spend every day focusing on what's most important to you.



New York City Home and Life Organization

Never have enough time in your day?

Feel like you're always running errands instead of relaxing in the park?

Know someone who should be gifted a part-time personal assistant?

Whether you (or a special someone) need assistance daily, weekly, or just a one-time helper to take care of that thing, we make sure that you're covered every time you may need a little extra support.


NYC Home Move Management

Does the thought of moving give you hives?

Wish you could move into your new home and find everything set up just so (without lifting a finger?)

Instead of spending time sorting, packing, and finding movers, just hand it over to us. Whether it's an extra set of hands or project managing the entire move, let deVivre Concierge help you get settled into your new home.


NYC Errand-Running

Don't have the time to grab a cheese plate from Murray's for your cocktail party tonight?

Need to get an important document signed by your lawyer and returned to you by the end of the day?

Have you forgotten your anniversary and need a special something hand-delivered?

Approaching the last day to exchange all those birthday gifts that your child received a few weeks ago?

Hand over your checklist and savor those extra few hours you'll immediately get back each week.