Personal Concierge and Assistant Services in NYC
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Personal Concierge Moving Services New York City

We take ownership of your move so that you don't have to spend a moment thinking about anything other than how happy you'll be settled into your new home!


Moving Packages

Please project manage my entire move!  

*deVivre Concierge Services will handle your move from beginning to end. With this package, we offer a complimentary 30 minute consultation completing a walk-through of your current home with you prior to sending our estimate.*

Storage, Studio, 1BR: Estimated at 40 hours: 10% off hourly services

2BR-3BR: Estimated at 60 hours: 15% off hourly services

*packages include Dining Room, Kitchen, and 1 Bath

**minimum of 20 hours of work to receive 10% discount / minimum of 40 hours of work to receive 15% discount

I just need an extra set of hands. Please help me pack & unpack!

Studio, 1BR Estimated 15 hours: 5% off hourly services**

2BR-3BR, Estimated 25 hours: 10% off hourly services**

*packages include Dining Room, Kitchen, and 1 Bath

**minimum of 10 hours of work to receive 5% discount / minimum of 20 hours of work to receive 10% discount

Booking A Mover

We prefer to book moving companies in our network to avoid any issues, but if you have a company that you particularly like, we can provide packing only services. If you'd like for us to book everything for you, we can hire either a solid, basic service or a high-end moving company.

Deciding between basic or high-end? If you answer "Yes" to either of the following, high-end is the way to go!

Do you own fine artwork that needs to be taken down and rehung/installed at your new home? Do you own luxury or antique furniture? Are you in a walk-up building where your furniture cannot be moved easily? 

**All the companies that we hire offer Certificate of Insurance for buildings. 


We recommend packing 24-48h+ before the day of your move. We provide day and evening support, and with enough notice, we can provide Saturday support, as well. 
We offer bare minimum (packing only) support or full service (sorting, donations of food/homegoods).

*We are happy to order moving boxes & supplies to arrive before the packing day. This can range from basic assemble-your-own cardboard boxes to Eco-friendly reusable bins (which we recommend since they naturally cushion the items inside).

Moving Day

If you'd prefer to not be around at the time of the actual move, we would project manage the move day-of so that you don't have to worry about a single thing.


If you'd like help with unpacking, we provide all of our regular organizational services, including sourcing needed furniture and homevgoods.

Moving is stressful! And we know that moving in NYC is more stressful since everything happens last minute. The earlier you can plan your move, the better! You get better rates and flexibility with the moving company.
At deVivre, we typically book up a week to two weeks in advance. The earlier we know dates, the easier it is for us to smoothly plan your move.

**Movers and packaging rates vary greatly depending on many variables including day and size of move. Thus, are charged separately from deVivre Concierge Services.