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August: Tips & Tricks from deVivre

Even if you love shopping, there are stores that all of us find overwhelming in some way or another. 

In our business, planning is crucial to getting things done efficiently and effectively. I have a close friend who makes lists religiously. When we lived together, my roommates and I would think something was wrong when we'd look on her desk and see that her notepad was empty. I'm personally not a list person, but I do think it's important to make them when you need to complete tasks quickly. Here are some important tips of the trade:

1.) When you need to make multiple stops, list the item by department and/or store. That way, if you see the item at a location earlier than expected, you've knocked off at least a few minutes for your errand run. 

2.) If you don't know how things are organized at a certain store, list items by category, i.e.: produce, electronics, hardware, frozen foods, etc. That way, even if aisles aren't organized in a well-thought out manner ::cough cough:: Costco ::cough cough:: then when you walk by items, you'll have remembered that they were on your list and can cross them off. Again, knocking items off your list earlier than expected and possibly cutting out a stop or two! 

3.) Have a system of marking off items that have been collected/purchased. If you're a paper and pen(cil) person, then it's easy enough. If you make your lists on your phone, it can sometimes be difficult to sort out and find a way to knock things off a list. I personally put an X in front of an item if I've collected it. That way, I can scroll down the list easily and see what has/hasn't been purchased before heading off to the next location and without accidentally deleting an item that hadn't been purchased.

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