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July: Travel Tips

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Traveling is one of our main passions in life here at deVivre! So, each month we will share the love by letting you in on some of our favorite places in the world and the most fun things to do in those places. This month...

Venice, Italy

Simply put nowhere on the planet compares to Venice. With its architecture and canals, it is completely unique and one day could very well disappear into the sea! Go now so your future generations can tell stories about it!

-The Venice Biennale is the premiere contemporary art exhibition anywhere and has been running every other (odd) year since 1895. It is usually held at 2 major pavilions which are separated into the major theme of the year and then pieces by upcoming artists from all over the world and then many smaller exhibitions located around the city. The 57th annual exhibition will be held from May 13th to November 26th, 2017, so ask deVivre to start researching accommodation now before everything sells out.

-Suso Gelatoteca. It seems like we can't let a week go by without recommending some kind of frozen treat and I could not talk about Venice, without recommending the Gelato at Suso Gelatoteca. What makes this Gelato so superb is that they use all natural ingredients and have unique flavors like Fidelio, which is made of dark chocolate gelato with dark chocolate chips and mandarin orange bits or their namesake Suso, which is a toffee and caramel concoction.

-Go shopping for masks at Ca' Macana which has beautiful masks at reasonable prices and the added bonus that they will let you take pics of each other wearing masks, which can get you in trouble elsewhere. They also have a workshop where you can take short mask making classes and learn how to create your own papier mâché masks to take home with you.

-The Peggy Guggenheim Collection is at the top of my list of best museums in the world! I'm not sure whether it's the collection itself, It's location on the bank of the Grand Canal or it's wonderful airy layout which makes this a not-to-be-missed destination. The collection itself is a cornucopia or modern and contemporary art, featuring all the greats like Picasso, Miro, Klee, Calder....the list goes on and on. Peggy herself was quite a character and well worth finding out about.

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