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October: Tips & Tricks from deVivre

(apologies for the snowstorm photo..but winter is coming.)

Surviving in NYC during the cold (hibernation) months is kind of like surviving a deserted island in a lot of ways... There have been some crazy stories about people surviving plane crashes and shipwrecks in the news and I always think "That must be pretty fun! Until it's not.." which the same way I feel when we get our first cold weather blast. Hopefully none of us ever find ourselves in a shipwreck, but in case we do, The Telegraph's Paul Hart wrote a serious article to help you survive. Here are the deVivre Concierge tips and tricks twist for surviving winters in NYC:

Avoid Injury: Yes, we all put on our hibernation pounds in the winter, but it doesn't mean that you should go running on black ice. Looking for a way to get some exercise and stay warm? Get in some hot yoga sessions. My top pick is Modo Yoga, with locations in Williamsburg and West Village. If you really want to feel like you're on a deserted island, check out the Hot Yin classes: "Yin is both a gentle and challenging yoga practice. Poses are held for 3-5 minutes, stretching deep muscle tissue and fascia. All poses are seated or reclined [It's true! You're laying down the entire time!] Suitable for all levels." This is both my meditation and exercise for winter months.

Salvage all you can: It's ok if you become a bit of a hoarder long as you're hoarding films, games, books, and music.

Obtain a source of water: And by water, we don't mean water.  Our favorite shop in NYC is Astor Wine because of their prices and free delivery! Stock up on your favorite red wine. Fill your bar with a bunch of different smoky mezcals and warm whiskeys. And don't forget to keep some hot cocoa mix and a large tea selection on hand, too!

Build a shelter: I become a bit of a hermit mid-winter. Anyone who comes to visit me/travels with me knows there's a good reason -- I have plenty of comfy PJs! Make sure that you also have plenty of comfy and warm winter clothes (because you never know if your gas will suddenly be shut off), and of course, plenty of cozy blankets, or snuggies -- if you're nasty.

Find food: This one we've all mastered. ::cough cough:: DELIVERY ::cough cough:: (Don't look at me like I'm the only who has ordered all 3 meals in one day via delivery.) My go-to? Caviar. This service delivers food from all of my favorite neighborhood spots and it arrives quickly and piping hot! Also - the delivery team is always super friendly. Merci!