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April: Treats & Eats in NYC

Growing up, I would always look forward to Easter morning for the egg hunt that my parents set up for my sister and I, and of course, Easter dinner. As an adult living in NYC, I no longer attend Easter Egg Hunts or host Easter dinner. So, I find ways to enjoy the things that I often looked forward to each year. Here are my faves for - chocolate, eggs, and Sunday dinner.

Chocolate: When I was a kid, it was quantity over quality on Easter. Now it's the opposite. When I crave chocolate, I always make my way to either LA Burdick, now in Soho, or Jacques Torres, with locations scattered around the city. At LA Burdick, I'll grab a slice of the Chocolate Raspberry Cake, a Frozen or Iced Hot Chocolate (picture the richest chocolate frappe you've ever had), or a few of their signature chocolates - bonbons for me and mice or penguins as gifts. If you're a fan of hot chocolate, enjoy one a Jacques Torres signature Wicked Hot Chocolate which has a nice kick to it.

Eggs: On Easter I'd be hunting for these or decorating them, but now I'm just on the hunt for the best tasting ones at brunch. My local haunt is a Williamsburg favorite. Egg is where we go whenever we're craving a perfect omelette or egg-in-a-hole (what they call Eggs Rothko). Whatever you choose there, you can't go wrong; and with placemats that you can write on, it's the perfect place to bring the kids! Just get there early - it's a no reservations spot. If you want somewhere where you can make a reservation and have a a more grown-up meal, my favorite place is Bar Boulud, with additional locations in Boston & London. They have, without a doubt, the best Croque Madame in NYC and one of the tastiest Biscuits & Gravy dishes I've ever had (at their Boston location).

Sunday Dinner: My favorite part of Easter dinner was our family tradition (for over 30 years!) of sitting down to a dinner with a Harrington's Ham and their Linzer Tarts for dessert. Having Sunday Roasts cooked each week for me now is a pretty amazing dream-come-true; it's like Easter every Sunday! We treat ourselves to meat / poultry from The Meat Hook or Dicksons and we always try to get our veggies from a Greenmarket location (especially spring-autumn). 

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