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March: Tips & Tricks from deVivre Concierge

How to have the most epic spring, before it passes you by, from your friends at deVivre Concierge NYC:

We deVivre-ers truly believe in Carpe Diem-ing each and every Diem. I, personally, have already promised myself that I will get myself to Sheep Meadow or enjoy a beach day at least once a week once we have consistently sunny days. Now, it may not be hot or sunny enough to spend endless hours outside, but that doesn't mean that we can't start planning for it, or treat ourselves to a rainbow sherbet to prep! And if you feel that you never get enough time in your week to enjoy these gorgeous, sunny days that we speak of, then you need to gift yourself  a deVivre personal assistant package so that you can reclaim a couple hours of your own each month!

Take a Wine Tour: Fork & Bottle Guide says "The best months for scenic beauty in wine country are April, early May, March and late February -- in that order. You'll start seeing wild mustard flowers beginning in February. In March and April, green vines are awakening and budding, with wildflowers blooming everywhere." See the beauty for yourself with an all-inclusive wine tour on the North Fork with Pulsd: The tours start at 8:30am when you are picked up on a luxury bus at Lexington Avenue and 47th Street. Your day comprises of visits to 3 vineyards, with anywhere between 12 to 15 tastings, and live rock, blues or jazz playing throughout the day! Back in Manhattan at approximately 6:30pm!

Grab a Scotch & a Show: Tim Teeman from The Daily Beast shares his experience of the show. "High in the McKittrick Hotel..a new, more contained wonderland has taken root a few floors up from the kinetic, watch-where-you’re-stepping drama of Sleep No More where one mistaken move can have you felled by a witch in a hurry. The audience for The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart—written by David Greig and directed by Wils Wilson for the National Theatre of Scotland—sits in a room full of bar tables. We become the pub where Prudencia Hart finds herself one wintry night in the Scottish Borders. Indeed, you can imagine, thick snow all around, alighting upon a pub and hearing a story as wild and ridiculous as the one that unfolds around Prudencia in 2010. As they tell and sing the story, the five brilliant performers—Annie Grace, Melody Grove, Peter Hannah, Paul McCole, and Alasdair MacRae—rove around the tables, occasionally draping themselves over members of the public, standing on chairs, sidling against the bar itself, and using the whole span of the room to convey the pub, a dry academic conference, or dark, snowy fields." A range of ticket options are available for purchase through April 22nd.

Enjoy a concert on the water: You can't say it better than Lauren Mowery of Forbes - "If I could judge a venue by its view, then City Vineyard would be the best new wine bar in Manhattan." From the City Winery family, City Vineyard sits on Pier 26 along the West Side Highway, across N Moore St. It also hosts almost daily concerts, just like its sister locations. Check out their calendar and enjoy a change of scenery from The Frying Pan!

Catch a game: If you can't wait for summer sports to start, get yourself to Yankees Stadium and catch a New York City Football Club game. Patricia Poekel raves, "New York City FC is the city’s only Major League Soccer team and the 20th franchise to be added to the league...The team’s all-star roster boasts a mix of young, up-and-coming players like US National Team star Jonathan Lewis and established pros like team captain David Villa, the Spanish National Team’s top goal scorer of all time. Get ready to cheer on the home team—and see some of the world’s top players." Get discounted tickets through Editor Poekel's Gilt City.