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Valentine's: Treats & Eats


At deVivre, we believe in treating ourselves, and our loved oneseveryday.
But for those extra special occasions, we pull out all the stops!
Contact us now to help you plan the most memorable Valentine's Day for you and yours.

Beatrice Inn -- Pete Wells recently awarded new owner, but longtime chef Angie Mar, two stars in the NYTimes: "In many ways, the Beatrice Inn resembles a steakhouse, but Ms. Mar has given it a strong undertow of carnality that would be unwelcome in most steakhouses, where the rites of male bonding are well established and don’t encourage unexpected sideways detours into pleasure. In fact, the restaurant is one of the few" meat joints in town that doesn't seem to be pitched to men." Scoop up this reservation if your Valentine loves a good steak.

Estela -- Rochelle Bilow of Bon Appetit imagines why President Obama loves our own personal Soho go-to: "So why did the president choose Estela? Naturally, we're assuming it's because he is a BA-devotee who takes our Hot 10 list seriously. The man's got good taste, after all. But it's also likely that our country's leader just enjoys artfully composed, blow-your-mind-good, honest, and straight-up real food; That's Estela's jam. It's their sweet spot. In fact, we wrote about some of our favorite Estela dishes right here at BA, like this number with grapefruit, white beets, yogurt and tarragon. Or this one, with seared scallops, avocado, and daikon. They're the type of dishes that make BA staffers go starry-eyed—it's a favorite around here, and we're thrilled to see that the leader of the free world discovered our hometown gem." Make sure to snag this ressie if you still haven't visited this Soho fave.

Kosaka -- Sara Ventiera of The Village Voice shares her experience, at our own newly-minted favorite omakase spot: "The goal at Kosaka is to offer a larger selection of rare fish than you'll find at comparable spots. Since opening, (chef) Kousaka has been sourcing giant clam, redeye snapper, and deepwater sea bass from the chef's homeland of Japan. Hopefully we can educate our clients on certain types of fishes, says Kim. For winter, we're getting a lot of seasonal fishes from Japan and Korea, live fluke from Korea — it’s almost as expensive as tuna." Don't dawdle! Get this omakase reservation at the sushi bar now. You won't be disappointed!

Olmsted -- Named Eater's Best Restaurant of 2016, Ryan Sutton comments: "As overpriced establishments struggle to shield guests from drafty front doors, Olmsted has found a way to keep guests warm outside in the dead of December. Chef Greg Baxtrom, who’s cooked at Alinea and Stone Barns, serves the type of food that wouldn’t be out of place at either of those two venues, from truffle-laced rutabaga tagliatelle to mullet-roe topped chawanmushi. And then there’s dessert in the winter garden. As I sipped hot chocolate poured from a thermos, a waiter brought over citric-acid spiked pâte de fruit, which is a fancy way of saying house-made Sour Patch Kids." Bring your date here if you want to keep Valentine's Day low-key.