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How deVivre wins summer rentals


At deVivre Concierge Services we believe that no detail is too small to sweat. In fact, if we were tattooing types we might get some prominently placed ink that said something like "Details Are The Pathway To Joy" or maybe "Concierge Services Make the World Go 'Round" or maybe even just "Make a List". That's how strongly we believe in the power of well-handled minutia, protocol, and the power of advance research. Perhaps never is this more true than when securing a summer rental. To help you make the most of your precious downtime, here's a quick breakdown of what we look for when we're helping our concierge clients find their dream getaways.

THINK OFF THE BEATEN PATH: Everyone heading to the Hamptons? Consider the North Fork. Instead of Martha's Vineyard, what about downeast Maine? Unless you have a compelling reason to choose a high-traffic destination (where good places book up fast and demand a pretty penny) dial in on the "vibe" you want and back into a destination that feels right to you. Less people=more charming, lower price point=bigger adventure/champagne budget.

GET PERSONAL: First, check listings across platforms. Not everyone lists their place on AirB'n'B and those on HomeAway might not also be on VRBO. When you've found a promising joint, shoot the host an email. Establishing a relationship right off the bat can tell you a lot about the personality and expectations of the property owner. Be up front and honest about what you're looking for and feel free to ask hyper specific questions (is it a walk-up? Are you near public transportation? Is there parking? What is the surrounding area like at night? DO YOU HAVE AIR CONDITIONING). If you like their vibe (or as an exploratory exercise), ask the host for their recommendations of what to do in their spot. After all, living like a local is part of the joy.

TO SCHLEP OR NOT TO SCHLEP: Some places come fully stocked with continental breakfasts, fresh linens, and beach chairs. Some places don't have wifi or a TV so you can really..."unplug". Some places are super bare bones so you can save a little green if you plan on spending most of your time out on the town. Ask what comes "included" with your place so you can make sure you have all of the things you need to have a raging/restful/productive vacation. Ask about linens, kitchen supplies, tech compatibility (you don't want to be relying on a clock radio or your iphone in a cup the whole time), towels, beach gear or anything else that might elevate this to "legendary trip" status.

PLAN YOUR MEALS: One of the biggest pitfalls of the summer rental is how/where/what to eat. If cooking is your thing, make a menu before you go and do all of your major shopping at the beginning. If you're staying in a place where greenmarkets and delicious local foods are available, make an outing out of securing those all-star ingredients. If you're going with a group, get into the nitty gritty and assign meals so that one person isn't stuck cooking (or cleaning!) every night. If shopping, planning, and cooking sounds like a bummer but you'd still love to spend some QT in the kitchen, consider having a meal delivery service (you know, like Blue Apron or Sun Basket) scheduled specifically to arrive at your rental when you arrive/during your stay. Most importantly, don't forget snacks.

LEAVE NO TRACE: You spend so much time thinking and planning for the dreamy days spent lounging around on your vacay that you never want it to be over. But, alas, all good things must come to an end. Have an exit strategy. Clean as you go, know the trash and recycling protocols, and turn "emptying out the fridge" on the last day a joyful snacking assignment. 

Have fun plans booked? Need a little direction? Want someone to take all of this off your plate? Get in touch! deVivre Concierge Services can help make your summer vacation the best yet.