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Back to (doggy) school

If you know anything about the deVivre Concierge Services team it’s that we love dogs. From Little Fox the fearsome Chihuahua to Louis the sweet Golden to our very own darling, @unithepitbull, we love hanging out with our four-legged-friends on the regular. Now that school is back in session for kiddoes, everyone’s schedules are getting filled up with harvest parties, fall festivals, this-could-be-our-last-chance-for-outdoor-cocktail-hours, and, you know, work, this is just a gentle reminder from your friendly neighborhood concierges not to let your fine furry friends get lost in the shuffle… especially those pals whose sweet parents have aforementioned pesky all-day obligations (like bringing home the bacon for kibble). Doggoes- when your human is at work (or at much-needed play) tell them to sign you up for deVivre Doggy School!


deVivre Concierge Dog School isn’t obedience training (though we can also arrange that), but rather, an expert professor-led immersive Waldorf-esque approach to ensuring that while he’s with “at school”, your pup is mentally stimulated, physically invigorated, and emotionally supported when their main human squeezes are understandably occupied. Your pups deserve the absolute best, and we can help you give it to them. Sign up now!

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