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deVivre Concierge Calendar: October


At deVivre, our ultimate goal is to help you optimize your schedule so that you can be living your best life at all times. Less time executing and more time L-I-V-I-N. Sometimes that means we concierge your to-do list, sometimes that means we concierge your travel plans, and sometimes that just means we literally concierge your calendar. After all, once we wrangle that dry cleaning/grocery shopping/apartment move for ya, you're gonna have a lot of free time on your hands. We want to be sure you make the most of it.

While it’s been decidedly… damp…for the past little bit, at deVivre Concierge Services we like to accentuate the positive! a) All of this rain is going to make for an INSANE leaf peeping season (more details on how to make your upstate day trip an effortless reality: here) and b) the rain has officially cleared out that pesky summer humidity and fall feels are HERE! Whew! We’ve got this month’s Concierge Calendar all queued up to get you out and about in those last glorious days before we all go into full winter-time hibernation. Here's your deVivre Concierge Calendar for October 2018:

October 5th-7th: Get your mind sharpened at this year’s city-wide The New Yorker Festival. There are talks galore with all kinds of interesting folks at various venues throughout the city, but some standouts are Zadie Smith talking with David Remnick, Kehinde Wiley talking with Vinson Cunningham, Bo Burnham talking with Michael Schulman (Eighth Grade pretty much shot us through the heart) and you’ll find your deVivre concierges listening to Boots Riley talking with Doreen St. Felix. There’s something for everyone and still some tickets to be snatched up.

October 12th-14th: Do you love snooping about in places that are not usually open to the public? US TOO. This year’s Open House New York is a goldmine of usually cordoned off locations. There’s always a long line to see the Jefferson Market Library so go early. We always recommend getting out to Sunset Park to see the Brooklyn Army Terminal where there are walking tours and open studios to peruse. The reservation-required sites are getting booked up, but there are 100’s of open access sites across all boroughs if you didn’t ask your friendly neighborhood concierges to score you a res :).

October 4th-November 5th: Get morbid all month at one of the oldest landmarks in the city; Merchant’s House Museum. Their exhibition, A Good Death: 19th Century Lessons in Dying Well does a deep dive into Victorian-era memento mori, death portraiture, and home funerals. This fascinating history lesson coincides with Edgar Allen Poe performances, walking ghost tours of ‘Manhattan’s Most Haunted House’, and other paranormal activities. By candlelight, of course! The perfect marriage of occult + culture.

October 27th: Bring the whole family out for the Halloween Haunted Walk & Fair at Prospect Park! Costumes galore, candy a-plenty, people watching by the thousands. Get there early (or send us to put down a picnic blanket for you) and then you can lounge out on the Nethermead with the best candy while everyone else is on line.


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