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deVivre Top Secret Tip: How to get a bottle of wine real cold, real fast.


Mother Nature has been good to us this summer. It's like with Mercury in retrograde, chaos at large in the world,  and, you know, the moon blotting out the Sun, she's like "Some good weather. It's the least I can do". She's been sooo thoughtful that we're STILL enjoying gorgeous summery temps even as we speak. With these extra days of stay-outside-til-after-the-sun-goes-down vibes, we realized it's high time we share one of our go-to top-secret concierge tips with you.

We know that you love a good bottle of chilled rosé on the beach. So do we. But don't you hate when you get home and realize that you forgot to throw an extra one in the fridge before you left for la playa? Us too.

For those times when you must have chilled wine and you must. have. it. now. We got you. deVivre to the rescue!

Grab your fave wine bottle. Soak a few sheets of paper towels in cold water. Wrap them around the bottle. Place the bottle in the back of your freezer for at least 15m (make sure it's not touching anything it can stick to). Set a timer, hop in the shower, make a quick playlist, or prep an appetizer platter. Come back to the wine and you're practically cocktail party ready. Ahhh—enjoy. 

(photo courtesy of VinePair)