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Mission Impossible: Cross-Country Beanbag Chair

In the work-life of a professional concierge there's never a dull moment. From room service for poodles to an ice sculpture full of live fish, we've (literally) seen and done it all - all in the name of making the impossible possible for our clients. We often get asked "what's the craziest thing people ask you to do?" so we decided to share some of our favorites with you. This week's MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: GET A GIANT BEANBAG CHAIR TO DENVER BY...TOMORROW.

Our mission, should we choose to accept it (duh): one of our clients LOVES his fancy beanbag chair. So much so that he needed it to be in Denver by the time he arrived there... 24 hours after he called us. Are we up to the job? Absolutely.

After extensive research we found that a parcel that large would require freight shipping (slow) or have to be hand couriered by air (exorbitant). Our solution? Think outside the bag.



The fastest, cheapest, and (ahem) most fun way to get it there: remove all of the beans from the beanbag in NYC, post the liner and exterior by overnight airmail, and drop ship new beans from a local vendor to arrive at the same time as the parcel. Our client was lounging in style right on time in the mile high city...exactly as requested.

Mission: Accomplished.

Have a seemingly impossible task and at your wit's end?

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