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Summer sun, something's begun..

Summer's in full swing and the team at deVivre is ready to help you make it the most memorable one yet!

July festivities aren't over after the Freedom Fests of the 4th and Bastille Day. We still have 16 days to enjoy NYC before the heat of August hits. Here are our picks:

Treats & Eats

  1. Oleanders at McCarren Hotel & Pool: this new Fern Bar (haven't you heard? Tiki Bars are so last year) from Joe Caroll of our favorite Williamsburg hotspot St. Anselm, is serving 70s fancy fare in The Elms old space. We particularly love the photos of animals in human attire. I mean, who DOESN'T like a panther in a track suit? rawr. What we recommend trying - Loaded Potato Skins (Bacon replaced with caviar? Can't complain about that.); Long Island Iced Tea - the grown-up version of a college favorite.   (Photo Courtesy of Eater NY)  

  2. Sobakoh: a no-frills, East Village soba house serving cold soba to ease your ramen cravings on hot, humid days. Our pick - Uni Ikura Soba comes topped with uni, salmon roe, and shiso for a fun mix of textures and flavors. The mentsuyu (dipping sauce/broth) brings it all together for a refreshing summer treat.                                                                                    

Sights & Sounds

  1. Lincoln Center Out of Doors starts its season on Wednesday, July 22nd with the Muscle Shoals All-Stars. After seeing the 2013 documentary (now streaming on Netflix), I'm pretty sure this is going to be a very memorable summer highlight and another free event! The concert starts at 7:30pm, but I would aim for 6:30pm to ensure a good seat. There is a bar and some snacks to keep you entertained. For the true enthusiast, there's also a panel discussion on Tuesday, July 21st at 7pm at Hearst Plaza.

  2. Literally everyone is talking about the new musical on Broadway, 'Hamilton: An American Musical' at the Richard Rogers Theater. If you love Hip Hop dancing and American History, then this is the show for you! It's already so popular tickets are sold out through September, but the theater is holding a lottery two and a half hours before every performance, where each winner will get 2 front row seats for $10 each! The names are called two hours before the performance, so you still have time to go grab a bite before the show - if you are one of the lucky ones.

As always, if you need to book tickets or want a reservation, let us help!

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