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deVivre Concierge's Top Tips for Throwing the BEST 4th of July Party

Full Disclosure: 4th of July is one of my absolute FAVORITE holidays. How can you not love fireworks, good food, and good company all-in-one?!

I'm from Massachusetts. And my home city, Boston, is one that takes Independence Day very seriously. Growing up, my parents would pack us up and head to S&S Deli in Cambridge to get our favorite sandwiches and treats (Monte Cristo and Key Lime Pie, yes please). We'd then head to The Charles to camp out for the festivities - live music from famous artists to start out the evening (this year is Melissa Ethridge and Leslie Odom Jr—swoon!), games on the grass, endless snacking.. and finally—the incomparable fireworks show accompanied by The Pops - all orchestrated in unison, unlike any other fireworks display you'll ever experience. Have I sold it to you yet?

I can't always head back to Boston to enjoy this special holiday each year so I do everything I can to recreate it here in the city. From picnic baskets to poppin' champagne, here are our Must-Haves for throwing the best 4th of July Party in NYC.

Location, Location, Location: whether you're one of the few lucky ones to have a rooftop, or you prefer to dine & dash (ahem: we mean Sheep Meadow or Prospect Park...who do you think we are?), choosing where to host your party is key. Make sure that there's ample room for friends to bring their friends and not feel like sardines in a tin on a sweltering day.

RSVP, s'il te plait: I hate sending the same info multiple times. Don't you? Post your invites (Facebook Events and Paperless Post both offer free guest tracking services) so that you can have in-the-moment RSVPs, and so that your guests have an easy-to-access place to find the location and all other relevant info. 

Treats & Eats: Make your own picnic basket by grabbing treats at your favorite shop (take a peek inside our favorite stops here), or grab your apron and tongs and be the BBQ King or Queen with Meat Hook eats or splurge on Japan Premium Beef filets. Drool. Whether you're prepping for one or all, be sure to cover all your bases—mains, sides, treats, lots o' liquids, and all the paper goods to go with 'em. Definitely thrown in some festive straws or fancy cocktail napkins... Candy cane stripes aren't only for nurses.

Winner, winner: Bring your favorite games—Jenga, frisbee, Twister, or go all out and plan some lawn games for you and yours (and maybe some envious neighbors). Be sure to bring treats for the winners! We always sneak in some light-up necklaces and a good head bopper.

All this typing is making me thirsty for some frosé so I'm off. But if you've got better things to do this weekend—yes, we know it's a perfect weekend for the beach. yes, we'll see you there— let us plan your 4th of July Party and we'll let you take all the credit. Pinky swear.