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A year from now, you may wish you'd started today!

(photo courtesy of the Night Nation Run)

This week's blog is focused on keeping those New Year's resolutions to get fit and healthy, with fun activities and tasty meals that can easily be added to your NYC calendar.

Treats & Eats

1. Sweetgreen, the Washington, D.C.-based (soon to be LA) restaurant chain, has a goal of delivering its fresh assembly-line salads with a hip sustainable-food attitude. Co-founder Jonathan Neman shared with NPR: "The food is really important, where the food comes from. So when you think about what we do that’s different, it’s actually how we get our food and connect with local farmers and how we prepare our food. So we have no commissaries at Sweetgreen. All of our food is delivered daily and prepared from scratch in the kitchens there. In the newer restaurants, it’s a fully open kitchen with even a glass walk-in refrigerator, so you can see everything right there." If you're picking up what they're putting down, also check out their Sweetlife Festival in MD this May!

2. Thinking of going vegan but not sure if you'll find enough tasty treats? Check out Beyond Sushi. This Union Square (and Midtown), fish-free sushi joint is just the place to convince you (even if just for a day). Kat Odell of Eater points out - "these lilliputian pieces of art leave an impression thanks to the restaurant's melange of polychromatic fruit and vegetable cuts, alongside five different types of multicolored, seasoned rice". Worried about your sweet tooth cravings? They have plenty of treats to take care of that.

Sights & Sounds

1. We recently discovered this awesome company called 'Bring the Gym to Me'. They will match you with a personal trainer in whatever your desired method of keeping fit is - with classes like Yoga, Pilates & Zumba. The personal trainer can come to your home, with workouts scheduled and customized to suit your needs. If you want to make this a super affordable fitness option, you can get a group of people together. I'm planning to reach out to my building and organizing a weekly rooftop Yoga class once it gets warm again. I can't wait!

2. Now this isn't happening till June 4th in Brooklyn and Oct 15th in Manhattan, but early bird registration ends this week for BK and opens for Manhattan. Ever wanted to trick yourself into keeping fit, whilst dancing your ass off and raising money for a cause? "The Night Nation Run is the world’s 1st Running Music Festival. A 5K musical voyage filled with live music, lights, lasers, and celebration for the lover of Electronic Dance Music. Run, walk, skip or dance your way through this electrifying adventure with music carrying you every step. Your journey will take you through an illuminated racecourse to multiple on course DJ stages, each with its own unique exhilarating party, finishing with an explosive main stage after party featuring top EDM DJ’s and special guest celebrity performers."