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April: Tips & Tricks from deVivre Concierge

We love sharing our favorite tips & tricks with all of our fellow New Yorkers each month. And when the projects become too big or too time-consuming, we're always here to help take some of those tasks off of your plate!

This month, we're revisiting our Spring Cleaning tips from January. With Mother Nature playing some silly jokes on us this spring, you should take advantage of the not-so-nice cold & rainy days to get everything in order so that you can enjoy the quickly approaching spring & summer days (like this Saturday - hello 80 degree, sunny day!).

Now that we're consistently above 50 degrees, it's time to pack away those wool jackets and cashmere sweaters. Before packing them up for the summer, be sure that they're freshly cleaned and stored safely. We love The Laundress and all of their delicate-friendly products including the Wool & Cashmere Shampoo, Stain Solution (it works miracles!), and Storage Bags. Receive 20% off your first purchase (and other deals for other & discounts) when you sign up for their newsletter.

If you've been cleaning your home on your own, and it needs a good deep clean post-winter, hire a professional! We recommend MaidSailors who can be booked online, and almost always last-minute, just in case you decide you don't have enough time to do all that tidying before your family arrives. Need a more full-service cleaner? Wizard of Homes offers post-construction cleaning, cleaning of outdoor/patio furniture, and steam cleaning. For indoor furniture and carpets, our go-to service is Spotless NYC, which also typically accommodates clients within a few hours and offers great deals for multiple pieces being cleaned at once.

Looking to get rid of some pieces that no longer "fit" in your home? Take it to a local swap, like Brooklyn's GreenCycle Swap at the Go Green Festival

Is your home in tip-top shape and you'd like to help "tidy" your neighborhood? Check out the NYC Parks Spring Cleaning map that lists all the parks where you can volunteer to get your local playground ready for spring: "No need to bring anything, we'll provide the cleaning supplies, paint, and mulch you need to give that playground an extra dose of love to get it ready for our busiest season!"