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deVivre Concierge's Top Secret Locations to Soak in the Sun in NYC

Whether you prefer to get a little hike in (without jumping on the MetroNorth) or get some vitamin D (without schlepping out to the Hamptons), deVivre has the best tips for the perfect outdoor spots guaranteed to impress even the most over-it New Yorker. Let's go!

The High Line: Ok, we know that you "discovered" The High Line way back in 2009. But have you ever explored it on a weekday when tourists aren't swarming? We love to grab a snack from Chelsea Market (also an entirely different place on a weekday when chefs and locals alike are found stocking up on goodies from The Lobster Place and Dickson's with nary a selfie stick in sight), then head up to the 23rd St Lawn and soak in all the sun and people-watching that you want.

Fort Tryon: Nestled way uptown, this sun-dappled Olmstead-designed greenspace is just like Central Park... but without the Bieber-blaring rollerskaters. First deVivre tip: pop into Cachapas y Mas, and grab a namesake cachapa to go. Similar to an arepa, the traditional Venezuelan street food is the perfect portable fuel for the tackling the surprisingly hilly environs of the extreme Upper West Side (not to mention that this little gem of a spot is the most authentic Latin American food north of Caracas and/or Sunset Park). Next, take a hike. Literally. Walk up to The Cloisters and take a deep breath as you stroll through the exquisite, meditative gardens and lawns. Trust us when we say that your mind will be blown that a) you're still in Manhattan, and b) that you haven't visited here sooner. Want us to meet you there with a pre-packed picnic? Get in touch.

Hudson River Park: While we've all seen joggers and bikers cruising up and down the paths of this long stretch of parkland while stuck in standstill traffic in a cab on the West Side Highway, for some reason, we feel like no one we know ever actually goes to this killer park. Maybe you've crossed over it to get to Chelsea Piers or The Frying Pan, but you never really noticed all the vacant greenery calling your name. We get it. It's the classic New York hustle. Take those blinders off and pack a picnic from Le District (or head upstairs there and choose a meal from the best casual kiosks in the city). Then head north along the water. Notice all the perfect patches of green yet to be claimed? They're yours for the taking!

Governors Island: If you've attended a music festival or an art show on Governors Island, you know what a special, magical little world this isle is. They really upped the ante this year by building an entire escape from the city with everything from ziplines to hammocks to kayaks and now there's no need to rush back for a late lunch—you can stay all day and grabs some eats from the beer bar and numerous food vendors. deVivre tip? Head in on the ferry early and hit the amusements first. Then spend the rest of the day exploring this NY gem with a taco and margarita in hand. ándale

The Staten Island Ferry: Picture this... a gorgeous sightseeing jaunt splashing through the briny waves of historic New York Harbor, the looming gothic granite arches of the Brooklyn Bridge on your left and verdigris dame Lady Liberty delicately lifting the hem of her dress on your right... fresh breeze in your hair, the sun setting in the distance, an icy Brooklyn Lager in your hand. How much do you think a special sightseeing trip like this might cost? If you guessed FREE, you'd be right. Take the city's sneakiest sunset cruise on a loop to the least-visited borough or, if you'd like, hop on over to Denino's for a slice of Staten Island's finest pizza. Tell 'em we sent you.

(Photo cred: Governors Island)