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The perfect English seaside retreat

Traveling is one of our main passions in life here at deVivre Concierge. They say that life is about the journey, so shouldn't the journey be as wonderful (and as effortless) as possible? From expert tips to curated itineraries, our travel concierge services are the only way to fly. This month's destination: Brighton, England.


Despite our creamy complexions and brooding heroes striding around shadowy heath-covered moors, the English love the beach. Forget the wellies and ditch the mac, there's absolutely nothing better than sunny summer on the south coast of England. While some jet off to Ibiza or Amalfi, one of our favorite off-the-beaten-path destinations is plain ol' Brighton or “London-By-The-Sea”. It’s only an hour and change from the capital, so a day trip is doable, but (as we all know) it takes at least a day with your toes in the sand before one fully begins to experience a vacay, so we recommend taking a few days to soak it all in. If you want to rent a car or score a luxe train ticket, we've got you covered.

- A marvelous (and quintessentially English) thing to do right off is to have a proper cream tea. A cup of strong black tea and an English Scone topped with jam and clotted cream may not sound particularly beachy, but when enjoyed on the Victorian-era veranda of The Grand hotel on the seafront, with the tinkling of a live piano in the background, it's easy to imagine yourself a resting raj home on holiday. We can make you a reservation (and equip you with a full set of E.M. Forster novels before you go to get you in the mindset).

- Next on the itinerary has to be The Lanes. Full of posh shops, bohemian cafes, and killer restaurants, this area of narrow, winding alleys in the historic quarter of the city is the perfect destination for vintage shopping and discovering local makers. Quaint doesn't even begin to cover it. Stop for a pint at The Cricketers, the oldest public house in the town center (dating from 1545) or simply get lost admiring the 18th and 19th-century architecture. Want to ship back your treasures? We can wrangle post + customs for you.

- Grab a parasol and a picnic (or let us pack you one) and go out for a classic English stroll along the South Downs. The picturesque chalk hills that seem to run right into the sea are the stuff of English legend. If you're feeling like a day trip, South Downs National Park has a few lovely little hikes with glorious open vistas. If you want to stay a little closer to town, check out Devil’s Dyke, a beautiful little wilderness where you can go for a ramble and take in some restorative salt breezes.

- Despite its wealth of lovely views and genteel day trips, Brighton isn't all high tea and good manners. When the sun goes down this town really knows how to cut loose. Some of the UK’s best DJ’s spin at Concorde 2 (which is also host to live music depending on the night) and we dare you not to get out on the dance floor at The Funky Fish Club, a classic dive known for its mix of old school garage, funk, soul, hip hop etc. so there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Take a stroll on the waterfront, peep the iconic pier, grab a plate of fish & chips, and revel in the classic seaside vibes of this classic beach destination.

Sound like a dream (or have something else in mind)? Get in touch with deVivre to plan your next adventure!

photo credit: National Trust