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It's the most wonderful time of the year! (if you let it be)


There's something about this time of year that sometimes leaves us feeling a little... off. There's this SUPER CHEERINESS in the air that can, honestly, be a little overwhelming. Something about that energy can leave you feeling less happy-jolly-cheery-thankful and more like "I might throw a snowball at that bell ringing Santa right. this. minute. if he doesn't cut it out"

We feel you. Instead of going on a shopping bender (which is what everyone and their mothers seem to be doing right about now), here are deVivre's top 5 things to do right now to (actually) get you in the holiday mood:

1. Give back! We are big into volunteering at deVivre and people need help now more than any other time. If you don't know where to even start with that, we recommend connecting with New York Cares. You do an hour of orientation and you're primed and prepped for volunteering at any one of hundreds of places across the city. From helping out at food banks to assisting the elderly with their computer skills (which, honestly, is a great way to meet some cool people you'd never interact with) to their hugely successful annual coat drive, you can always find interesting ways to pitch in right in your own back yard.

2. Get outside and see something beautiful! It's really not that cold out yet! Go check out the Ai Weiwei's citywide public art project ‘Good Fences Make Good Neighbors’. The work's focus on America's shifting attitudes toward immigrants (in places that immigrants have made thrive for generations) gives a distinct sense of place to the pieces and plenty of food for thought. Though there are installations all over the city, we recommend checking out the ones in Washington Square Park (where the locals got all in a tizzy about the artist's use of the triumphal arch) and then popping over to John's Pizzeria on Bleecker, founded, of course, by immigrants by 1929.

3. Detox on something fresh from the green market that doesn't involve a gallon of butter and/or heavy cream (but that doesn't taste like sawdust)- Anyone else in a pie coma? Hit the market, pick up some vegetables that aren't mashed potatoes, and whip up something fresh, green, but still comforting. Smitten Kitchen is a great NYC-based food blog with recipes like this broccoli rubble farro salad or this brussels sprouts, apple and pomegranate salad and if you accidentally stumble upon these chocolate tahini challah buns and decide to whip them up in lieu of kale... we won't tell anyone.

4. Go watch the skaters - no not at Rockefeller Center because that's a total nightmare scenario....we're talking Wollman Rink. From kiddoes on their first skates to lovers on first dates to (we swear) Oksana Baiul, there's something zen about the smooth movements (plus: cocoa).

5. Call deVivre! If your to-do list is starting to feel like a to-don't list we've got you covered: poring over every last detail of your holiday party, gift buying  and wrapping, and (the worst!) standing in line at the post office (amaright?!). We can even plan your family itinerary, grab those Rockettes tickets and make that reservation so you don't have to spend every/any minute in the kitchen! LET US HELP!

Image Courtesy of Ai Weiwei, Public Art Fund

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