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Our Top 5 Tips When Hosting the Holiday Festivities


 1. Don't forget the basics.

It's winter but that doesn't mean you won't need ice. Don't panic: here's our quick dinner party reference sheet!

2. Pick your own poisons + revivals.

Your weekly Sunday AM breakfast sandwich delivery from your local bodega may not be possible. So, stock up wisely. Or let us do it for you.

3. Prep the Games!

Keep your participants in mind (ie: Cards Against Humanity may be great with friends but perhaps it's better to bring out Cranium if your grandparents and nieces are joining in). We've got the perfect list if you need them sent over ASAP.

4. Gifting? Yankee Swap? White Elephant?

Share the rules in your invite so no one feels left out. 

5. It's the holidays -- treat yo'self.

Hire a cleaner for after the event/weekend and get on your merry way. Or even better - hand off to us.