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deVivre top secret concierge tip: a cooler cooler


As professional concierges it is our sworn concierge duty to cut down on hassles. This means: less schlepping, less waiting, less worrying, and, during summer picnic season, no hot drinks or wet food. It always seems by the time you get your perfectly packed caprese salad and canned Una Lous to the park, the ice is all sloshy and heavy and the tomatoes are soaked, or, if you went with cold packs, the wine is warm, the cooler weighs a ton, and you've gotta carry the whole heavy mess back again. This week's deVivre Concierge Services top-secret tip: fill your cooler with frozen water balloons. 

The chilling power of ice with no messy melt, the self-contained magic of cold-packs without the weird gel filling or après picnic storage, and, when they've melted enough YOU CAN THROW THEM. Ideal for kids of all ages.