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Dog Day Concierge


The Dog Days of summer are here and it's never. felt. hotter. Cue this jam on repeat. We've already shared our concierge service tips on how to keep yourself cool in times of extreme humidity, and, accordingly, we've basically been putting ice in our rosé and sleeping on silk sheets since Memorial Day (we know, it's hard). After many summers sweating it out we know how to keep ourselves cool, but what about our fine furry friends who have no recourse when the mercury rises but to pant it out? From fiery hot sidewalks to the night terror of fireworks, summer is full of potential bummers for your pup. With a little paws-on help from our "clients" Little Fox (above), Uni, Adele, George, and Louis we've got some concierge tested workarounds to keep your best friends healthy and happy during their own dog days. And if you don't really have it in you to make broth-sicles from scratch (it's a thing) give us a call. We've got you covered.

ICE, ICE BABY: What’s cooler than being cool? Ice Cold! The freezer is your friend. Fill your trays early and often so that you can apply H2O directly. Put ice in the drinking water to keep pups chill all day. For real hot ones (like when you forgot to get deVivre to concierge your air conditioner in time) get a towel wet and pop it in the freezer to make an impromptu chill-cape or a soak an absorbent toy (Uni is particularly fond of this turtle) when it’s icy, give it to your dog for hours of lazy play with a side of secret cool-down hydration. Our client Adele loves getting frozen fruits and veggies mixed in with her dinner and we make special bone-broth pup-sicles for Louis so he gets some protein along with his cool-down. 


TAKE A DIP: Any self-respecting city-dweller or concierge knows dipping your paws into a cool blue oasis is one of the delights of summer (two-legged friends in need of advice on where to dip? Look no further). We love taking our furry concierge clients to Prospect Park Dog Beach, a specified area just for pups to romp in the cool green waters of the lake at long meadow. Dogs aren't *technically* allowed off leash at major New York City waterfront parks (though we've had luck at Coney and Brighton Beaches at off-peak hours... don't tell 'em we sent you) but just getting your pup to the seaside for a breezy cool-down and kelp exploration can do wonders.


MAKE YOUR OWN ICE BATH: If you can't make it out to the park and you have a little space, a baby pool filled with a few bags of ice on your stoop is loads of fun for the pup. Plus, it's so much fun to watch!


MADE IN THE SHADE: Keep your pup out of the heat during the most intense parts of the day and whenever possible, give him a break in the shade. 

COOL YOUR HEELS, UM, PAWS: Hot sidewalks can wreak havoc on a dog's delicate paws. While an obvious solution is to walk your dog at cooler times of day (or have us do it if you're busy at dawn and twilight) we also swear by Musher's Secret Paw Wax. A go-to for salty sidewalks in winter as well, this wax provides a moisturizing protective layer on sensitive paw pads. Another option is special booties or even just plain 'ol socks (but Uni has a particularly strong sense of personal style and won't keep those on his paws if they clash with the rest of his outfit). 


DRESS FOR THUNDER: Our littlest clients have the biggest hearts (and the most intense boom-induced trembles). If your pup gets scared of celebratory fireworks or the inevitable BOOM of a summer thunderstorm, invest in a Thundershirt. The "shirt's" constant applied pressure (thank you Dr. Temple Grandin) keeps pups calm and happy and it doubles as harness and collar. Thank goodness.

Summer is a busy time and if you need help making sure that your best friend is living her best life, we're here. Walks, swims, snuggles, belly rubs, adventures... we're here for you.