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deVivre Concierge Calendar: May 2018


At deVivre, our ultimate goal is to help you optimize your schedule so that you can be living your best life at all times. Less time executing and more time L-I-V-I-N. Sometimes that means we concierge your to-do list, sometimes that means we concierge your travel plans, and sometimes that just means we literally concierge your calendar. After all, once we wrangle that dry cleaning/grocery shopping/apartment move for ya, you're gonna have a lot of free time on your hands. We want to be sure you make the most of it. Here's your deVivre Concierge Calendar for May 2018:

It's Mother's Day this Sunday! if you're too late to get resy's to her favourite restaurant and all the events that spring to mind are sold out (we're looking at you NYBG Mother's Day brunch), we recommend The Amazing Mother's Day Scavenger Hunt. Follow clues around Manhattan in hopes of being the winning team (which you are already so this can be more about the journey than the destination!). Wear comfortable shoes. And bring a sweater. And a snack. Ok, we'll stop being mom and let mom be mom.

The "public floating food forest" called Swale is back and will be docked at Brooklyn Army Terminal, Pier 4 at 58th Street through July 1st. It's open every weekend 12 – 6pm. There will be various volunteer opportunities throughout the Summer or you can just show up, learn about foraging and harvest herbs, fruits, and vegetables—all for free (when they're ready! No one wants to eat your "miniature carrot").

We're always on the hunt for truly unique New Yorky experiences and this one takes the cake: from May 25th through the end of June you can grab tickets to The Mad Hatters G&T Party. You'll get picked up on a vintage double-decker bus, given crazy cocktails, and eat British teatime classics whilst being hosted by the Mad Hatter for a 2-hour immersive experience. Sorry, Gray Line, we're late for a very important date.

If you're staying in the city this Memorial Day snag tickets to the annual New York Philharmonic’s Annual Free Memorial Day concert at St John the Divine (nod to the most recent Bowery Boys podcast for featuring this hallowed ground. If you love New York and History you should definitely be listening to this). Back to the performance! If you'd rather not rush home from the beach, deVivre Concierge is on hand to go grab those tickets so you can show up at showtime.

And don't forget: New York's public beaches open May 26th. Will this be the year it's actually hot enough to take a plunge?! We'll meet you in Rockaway to find out!

Dive into summer, darlings. We'll be back next month with deVivre's Concierge Calendar for June.

photo credit: SwaleNYC insta