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How to get *that* smell out of your favorite piece of clothing


Is your winter scarf bringing back memories of that bonfire upstate?

Does your favorite cashmere sweater now remind you of your favorite Indian restaurant?

Got a (couple) good sweat session(s) in at hot yoga in your Lululemons?

Danced all night in your favorite silk dress (no regrets)?

Dry cleaning can help, but sometimes it feels like they never fully get those really strong odors out of clothes (and unless you have a magic deVivre fairy to take care of it for you, we're betting you have a "take to the cleaners" pile staring you right in the face).

Don't worry, we've got you covered. Well, vinegar does. That's right! Vinegar.

Just wash your clothes with a bit of white distilled vinegar and TA-DA! your favorite pieces are back in action for the world to see (because clothes are meant be loved, not smelled). 

Handwashing? Add a few splashes of vinegar. This trick even works for your clothes washer—throw a cup in with your whites and towels. Got a funky smell coming from your dishwasher? Pour some vinegar in before you start your next wash. Smell-be-gone. *POOF*

Go ahead, cross that off your list.

(photo courtesy of The Bump)