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Radical Self-Care: Spa Day!

Radical Self-Care (prioritizing caring for yourself in your life) is absolutely theory. We know first-hand how difficult it can be to take the time to even make a mental leap in the direction of self-care, let alone an actual leap that requires clearing schedules, deciding what to do, leaving work early, booking appointments, calling around, finding a place you trust, looking at schedules, figuring out transit etc. etc. etc. Starting to care for yourself can sometimes begin to feel like any other stress-inducing task on an endless list except that you chose to add it to your to-do. How easy it is to cross it off undone! It's a vicious cycle and one we'd love to help you break. This week's Concierge-approved guide to radical self-care? TO THE SPA!


WHERE TO GO: We've done a lot of schvitzing/legwork to narrow down a few favorites among the 11,469 (!) spas in NYC. Our favorites to recommend to our clients? Aire Ancient Baths in TriBeCa (whose swoon-worthy multiple temperature pools are pictured above) is a literal oasis in an 1893 garment factory. Juvenex in Koreatown is perfect for mid-day relaxation. Great Jones Spa is our preferred rec if you're going with a group (sometimes every one of your friends needs a little radical self-care all at the same time). If you're looking for some far-flung adventure with your detox, we recommend The Mermaid Spa in Coney Island, a (very authentic) Russian banya or Spa Castle, a legendarily huge Korean spa multiplex in Queens.

WHEN TO GO: Saturday morning is the best time to visit a spa's public spaces (think: steam rooms, saunas, plunge pools) while weekday mornings are the best time to book one-on-one services. If you have a general idea of what your schedule is it's possible at most places to set up recurring services with reminders. If you don't have that much clarity on when you'll have free time we can always wrangle an appointment for whenever you need.

WHAT TO BRING: The short answer? Very little. But whenever we make appointments for our clients we try and have a few extra goodies waiting for them (either at their apartments or at the spa when they arrive). Our favorite treats? A hammam mitt for a little DIY exfoliation after soaks + steams. A face mask. This, this, and this all add an extra layer of zen. Also, if you're in a spa's public zones nothing says "don't talk to me" like a mask. Fresh fruit, cut up, cold. Nothing tastes as good as juicy mango slices or pineapple after your core temperature has been raised. If that seems too fussy, a clementine will do nicely as well.

Feeling like you need that moment of zen now more than ever? Let us book your appointment/run your errands while you soak/get dinner on the table/handle whatever needs handling so you can take the best possible care of yourself. Asking for help? Perhaps the most radical self-care of all.

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