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Storm Prep like a New Yorker


Another week, another storm. Are you prepared? Whether your idea of "emergency prep" is stockpiling bottled water well in advance or keeping the Chinese restaurant on speed dial (and keeping your fingers crossed they'll be open) you want to be sure you don't end up here:

Empty shelves.png

Though the shelves looked like this when we visited our local grocery on the eve of the last big storm, luckily for us, they still had plenty of mortadella and mozzarella left in stock. As the cashier said "Ain't no party like a big storm party!".

Above all, make sure you're safe and warm. After that? Everything's gravy. To make sure you're prepped like a true New Yorker, we've got your must-have lists for the bombest bomb cyclone yet. Don't want to leave the apartment? We got you (and we promise not to judge if you prioritize margarita salt over sidewalk salt).

1. Make sure you have enough bottled water AND make sure you have plenty of champagne.

If the power goes out and your rooftop tank goes dry you'll need clean water. If the power goes out and the fridge doesn't work, you can keep bottles of bubbly cold in the snow on the fire escape.


2. Make sure you have batteries AND make sure you have enough candles to make it look like a Baz Lurhmann Film.

You'll probably want to keep a flashlight handy for navigating dark corners. You'll definitely want to look like a young Claire Danes.



3. Make sure you have plenty of non-perishable food options AND make fondue!

The Chinese restaurant *might* just close. Be sure to have some healthy ready-made options for sustenance. If you have a can of sterno, nothing is more romantic than snow-day fondue. Keep that pot bubbling and make like the Swiss.


4. Stay inside AND call deVivre.

With storms popping up before we can refresh our weather app, we can get everything handled for you AND you can make the most of your snow day.