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Feeling the heat? Get on a boat!


Well, dear ones, it's official. IT'S HOT. We've done everything in our concierge power to help you stay cool so far this summer: from seasonal prep to giving you the inside scoop on New York City's freshest pools, from picnic hacks to how to make it so your pups are made in the shade during the dog days, we're really trying our darndest to help you beat the heat in style. And still. IT'S HOT. While one of our favorite ways to deal with August in NYC is to just get the heck out of dodge (and our concierge travel booking services are standing by to whisk you to Maine faster than you can click here) the *other* best way we know to channel those seashore vibes is to get out of dodge and head out on the open water. Bring on the boat! Bonus points if there's beer.


New York City is literally surrounded by water and there are essentially infinite options for cruising out to Lady Liberty and back. We truly do love those more traditional tours (and would be happy to help you book your dream sunset jaunt by sail... Seriously, get in touch). If you're looking for something a little more off the map, where there just might be monsters, then we'd like to make your transition from landlubber to seafarer a lot easier than walking the plank (sometimes we just can't help ourselves. New deVivre concierge service offering: pirate puns on command, by your favorite conciaaarrrrges). Instead of sweating it out, here are some ways to shiver your timbers.

TAKE A FERRY: From Staten Island's venerable orange hulks to the zippy little skiffs pinging across the East River, the NYC Ferry system isn't just the easiest way to feel the breeze in your hair, it's also the cheapest. You can get from Sunset Park to the Rockaways by boat for the cost of a subway fare, The Governor's Island Ferry is free on Saturdays, and the Staten Island Ferry (with its hidden beer bars) is free all the time.

HOP ON A FIREBOAT: The John J. Harvey fireboat (an original firefighting vessel from 1931) offers free harbor cruises on most weekends. Firefighting demonstrations involve copious spraying geyers and the mist feels so good it might put out your own fires. It also leaves from the same dock as the infamous Frying Pan floating bar + grill, so if you need to cool down further after your seagoing adventures, a nice tall glass of ice tea might be just the thing.

PADDLE UNDER YOUR OWN POWER: Kayaking in NYC harbor is mind blowing. Timeless and quiet, exploring the shores and inlets of our fair city feels ages away from the present. While it's amazing to travel the rivers at pre-steam speeds, our favorite part is seeing the city skyline literally from sea level. It's a humbly awesome experience. We can arrange a kayak or canoe rental for you, and (if you need a paddle refresher) free kayak lessons are available from the Brooklyn Bridge Park Boathouse.

CATCH A CONCERT: As Handel can tell you, music and water just go together. Maybe it's how the sounds carries over the waves or maybe it's just that rock'n'roll is better when you're literally rocking and rolling, but from metal to classical, music feels way cooler on the water than it does in a sweaty dive. Need tickets? We got you.

SLEEP ON THE WAVES: Nothing is as soothing as being rocked to sleep by the briny deep. If you don't have the time (or the bandwidth) to jaunt off to far flung shores, a night aboard an NYC docked houseboat is an easy way to feel miles away from it all. Rockaway's infamous Boatel has long since shuttered its barnacled portholes, but we can book you luxe floating accommodations across the boroughs.

See you on the seas!



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